Today I tasted…. Hidalgo Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada

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  1. SherryNotes says:

    That’s a great supermarket you have there. An excellent Manzanilla indeed, the extra years gives it so much more flavour than a (normal) supermarket sherry!

  2. vasquita says:

    I can’t believe I ignored it on the shelf for so long! Yes, we’re pretty lucky with supermarket own brands too – many of them made by Lustau

  1. August 10, 2015

    […] If you prefer your sherry dry there’s Tio Pepe in abundance, and two Manzanillas: La Gitana the classic Manzanilla from Hidalgo, and its elegant older sister Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada.  Usually £11, but discounted to £8 at least twice a year, Pastrana is a bargain even at full price and not easy to find elsewhere.  If you haven’t tried it, treat yourself. And if you need convincing before you invest your hard-earned cash, read more here. […]

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