Sherry & the Mystery of Palo Cortado UK Premiere

  • SherryandtheMysteryofPaloCortado_QA_PM_23062015_9
    Roberto from Goya23 carving jamon
  • SherryandtheMysteryofPaloCortado_QA_PM_23062015_12
    Director Jose Luis Linares
  • SherryandtheMysteryofPaloCortado_QA_PM_23062015_13
    Producer Antonio Saura
  • barrels
    Sunlight in the bodega - still from the film
  • gb old bottles
    Ancient bottles - still from the film
  • venenciador 1
  • venenciador 2
    Pouring Palo Cortado - still from the film
  • vineyard
    The vineyard - still from the film
  • SherryandtheMysteryofPaloCortado_QA_PM_23062015_1
    Jamon courtesy of Goya23
  • SherryandtheMysteryofPaloCortado_QA_PM_23062015_5
    Q&A with Jose Luis Linares, Antonio Saura and Beltran Domecq

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3 Responses

  1. I love a dry sherry as an aperitif. I haven’t heard of Palo Cortado before though.


    Louise @

  1. September 1, 2015

    […] Talia Baiocchi. Voir aussi les livres en référence aux billets Résistance Naturelle et Le nez. Questions/Réponses avec le réalisateur Lu 7 sept. à 21h30 au […]

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